Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 143- 148

Day 148 - January 27, 2011 - Barley got a new toy from his momma today... he walked around the house for 15 minutes just like this.... I think he likes his bone. (it's leopard print!!!)

Day 147 - January 26, 2011 - Dillard's is having an extra 30% off sale off clearance and I thought I would buy one more OU bowl to finish my set. (the last one they had) While walking up to the register I noticed that the University of Oklahoma is in NoKman instead of NoRman... I didn't purchase!

Day 146 - January 25, 2011 - Catherine's turn... I only have the R, E & N left... Don't tell it's a surprise!

Day 145 - January 24, 2011 - Crafting again... I'm making letters for Caroline for her room to match her new bedding for a birthday gift! They turned out really cute. Here are the first 3! Don't Tell until after the 5th!

Day 144 - January 23, 2011 - Teryn's Actual Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Friend!!!

Day 143 - January 22, 2011 - Teryn's Birthday Celebration at 50th Yard Line! I love my wonderful friends! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

Day 142 - January 21, 2011 - Sorry Ladies He is ALL mine! P.S. - The Hair-Do is not staying!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vista Print Heaven!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love cards and notepads and anything monogrammed. Also if anyone knows me they know that I'm the FREE Queen and Coupon Diva. I have a coupon for EVERY thing!! One thing that I love is Vista Print, I love to get their emails because frequently they have items for free. Below are the items I got for FREE after the new year. Bottom Line sign up for Vista Print E-mails!
Some of my great goodies!

My new note cards with David and I's picture on the back... I know TOO Cute! (I have a notepad that matches)

A Desk Calendar I made for my mom for her work desk!

Note cards I made for my mom!

My matching notepad!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Why I'm Happy!

I was thinking today how blessed my life is and how happy I have been the last 3 years and it's all because I found my person! It's crazy but I feel like it's been more than 3 years since David and I met but I will always love February's & March's because February was the arrival of David Green and March was when we became us! :)

Here are some great highlights from the last 3 years of my happiness!

David and I's "first" date... we had been hanging out for 4 weeks prior but this was the official date were I was asked to be his girlfriend

My favorite crazy picture of us... it's still framed in our guest room

My birthday dinner with my family & David

More family events... David's first piano recital!

I had a break time at work before David left for class so I brought him breakfast... SURPRISE!

My first Tech Baseball Game! Go Texas Tech!

Abuelos Night with friends!

Carter's first baseball game that David went to and the first time I went Abuelos with Martin & Glenda!

Second date.... David's First Rodeo! We made the newspaper that night!

My birthday!

David's Birthday!

Brad Paisley Concert! It was AWESOME!

The night of our engagement... the worse I ever looked in our whole relationship was our engagement night... SUPER!

Our engagement party the next night with our families at Gilberts.

One of our engagement pictures

One of my favorite engagement pictures at Tech

Love it!

Mr. & Mrs. Green! Happy Newlyweds

One of my favorite wedding pictures!

On our way to the next chapter in our journey!

At the Cancun Airport on our Honeymoon

After dinner one night during our honeymoon!

About to go to the Fondue restaurant

David's Birthday lunch at Abuelos!

Celebrating 6 months of marriage!

Dinner out to Las Brisas!

Our first Halloween as a Married Couple

He is still so happy to be with me!

Our first Thanksgiving as a Married Couple!

Our first Christmas married!

Our first Easter Married!

Date Night! :)

David's Cousin, Erin's Wedding! I love my hubby in a suit!

Our Anniversary Vacation to New York! We had the BEST time!

Getting to our Hotel in New York about to go to dinner at Carmines!

My Birthday!

Another Date Night... this time I wore my glasses so I could actually see the movie!

The Greens in Green!

Happy 2011... looking forward to the next 50 years together!