Thursday, January 21, 2016

Like Father, Like Daughter

David got a headset for his video games he plays... AK wanted to be like Daddy! It's a lot cuter on her! 

She Loves Murphy!

How Did You Get So Big?

She doesn't even look like a baby anymore! 

I Love My Women's Team!

I have been on the Women's Team at church for 5 or 6 years! I love the ladies that I work with! We have had so many great times and memories together! So blessed by these ladies! 

Fun Selfies

Some days in this pregnancy I haven't felt too cute! On these days I loved my outfit so it's fun to post cute pictures! 

32 Week Appointment

1st Day of School - Spring 2016

This little girl started school again for the Spring! She was dressed to kill! It's hard to see my baby so big! Love you so much Anna Kate! 

Lunch with Daddy

AK didn't go back to school till a Tuesday so that Monday we got to have lunch with Daddy! It was a fun day! 

Little Shopping Carts are Back!

It was hard for AK to go to United around the holidays because the little carts were gone! They are now back and we have a very happy little girl! 


We got a lot of snow in a short amount of time! It was crazy how bad it got! Thankful to not live in the north! 

Chair Is Ready!

Cuddle Time with Murphy

Goodbye for Now

It was hard to see them leave... we are looking forward to seeing them again in March! 

Happy Birthday Papa!

New Decorations for AK - Big Girl Room

Lunch with Papa

Boomer Sooner... Playoff Time!

We were ready for the Sooners to play... wish it turned out a little differently! 

Popcorn Buddies

Snow Day Snuggles!

Burp Clothes

I bought fabric on Halloween to make for burp clothes. Give us days stuck in the house and I will get them done! Thanks Mom for all the help! 

Less Than 10 Weeks

We are getting close!! Less than 10 weeks left! 


After being in the house from Saturday to Tuesday, we were able to go out to Rosas for Dinner and some shopping at Kohls... it was much needed. 

Cleaning.... Score

When cleaning I was able to find a lot of gift cards - I have a lot of fun that will be happening soon! 

Baby Boy's Bedding

While my parents were here, we were snowed in and we were able to set up some stuff for the little buddies' room! We still have some work to do, but it's really coming together! 

My cute helper needed some help with her pants! 

OU Time

AK loves spending time with her Papa. This trip they watched OU clips together! They were in heaven!