Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nerd Day

Last week I had my sister's kids when they were out of town. It was Nerd Day at the Middle School and Carter asked what he should wear, we told him what we thought he should wear and never thought he would do it. He not only did it but was awesome about it! I have the best nerd nephew ever!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mom's Birthday 2012

Last week we celebrated my mom's birthday! It was a fun night with great food and time together!
Here are the highlights:
The Birthday Girl

The fabulous meal

Carter and Cassidy, being Carter and Cassidy

Present Time

Pretty Shirt

We have to have Cassidy being Cassidy at each family function! :)


Mom's Cake- It was really good!

With the grandkids!

Our Pumpkin Family

I wanted to decorate with pumpkins outside this year. I didn't go crazy but I wanted to have a pumpkin family. The tall pumpkin is David, the round one is me since I'm pretty round now, and the little one is our little pumpkin Anna Kate! Next year our pumpkin will get to pick out her favorite pumpkin to decorate with!

Anna Kate's Baby Shower

This past weekend Anna Kate and I were so blessed to be given a shower by my friends in Lubbock. It was a great time and we are really excited about all the big things that will be taking place in less than 5 weeks!
The beautiful table!

Amazing Food

The other side of the table

Cute Tables

Wonderful Gifts

My Wonderful Hostesses!

My family minus Caroline

The Green Side

Jill, Drake and Me

Gift Table

Drake loved the cupcakes

Some Great Girls

Anna Kate's outfits from Great Grandma Copeland

Aunt Outfits!

Kinsley Helping me with Gifts

Sweet Caroline

Cassidy being silly, since I'm so short!

Catherine Grace

My nieces- Look how tall Cassidy is!

Picture with Caroline!

Let the opening begin!
Outfits from Papa! Go Sooners!

Proud Brynlee with the tu-tu her mom made!

Outfits from Catherine

Outfit from Uncle Brad

Beautiful gown that Kristi made!

More Aunt Goodies!

2 More Gowns that Kristi Made- I LOVE THEM

The outfit that Carter picked out for Anna Kate

My charms from David

David bought Anna Kate a bible with her name on it. David gave me a bible on our wedding day too... It was so sweet! Everyone was tearing up!


David got me the camera I have always wanted!

GREAT Stuff!

One proud Momma!

The future parents! I look very pregnant here, It was all the good food and the way I'm standing :)
More pictures to come from my friend Sara! Thanks everyone who made my shower so special! 

Corn Maze Day with Catherine

This Fall I was able to go with Stephanie and Catherine to the Corn Maze! It was a fun day! It's crazy to think that little AK will be going to the corn maze soon!
Here are some great highlights!
Steph and Snoog

Me and little Snoog

With Friends!

With the calf

About to go get a pumpkin

Love her

Catherine picking out the perfect pumpkin!

Me and little pumpkin with a pumpkin

The goat wanted Catherine's pumpkin!

With all the cute fall decor!

Super Cute!

Catherine, Anna Kate and Aunt Brooke!