Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Barley Boy!

A lot has been going on in Barley World so I thought I would update you on how the bubs is doing these days:

David was sick at the beginning of the month and Barley loves when people are sick because he gets to be on the couch and be lazy all day!

The Sleeping Boys

Barley always wants to be apart... This is what he likes to do when you are working at your desk.

It was night time and Barley didn't want to sleep, so he decided to be Mary Mother of God instead!

I got a new rug for my birthday and if you can't find Barley on his pad, he sneaks into our guest room and is laying on the rug!

Caught you again on the new rug!

Barley wants to be Elvis for Halloween, so he is practicing his lip for Monday!

Missions... Kids Really Get It!

I'm blessed to go to a church that does a program on Wednesday Nights with Music and Missions. A couple of Wednesdays ago the kids were making cards for kids in the area that don't have parents and that are in the foster program or they are currently living in a home with other kids who don't have families. After Sonya told the kids about these children the kids in our mission program wrote cards to the kids to help them know that we were thinking about them and praying for them. Sonya (the teacher) told them the story but didn't instruct them on what they had to write.

I'm blessed to be the Aunt of one of the most caring kids on the planet. Catherine Grace is the kind of kid that hates for anyone to be alone so if you are riding in the car by yourself she will say I will go with you so you don't have to be by yourself. She is a great kid and is a example for adults too.

After hearing about the kids, Catherine got her card and wrote the following:

One day I bet Catherine will adopt a million animals and help a thousand kids have homes. Such a sweet and precious love!

Taylor Swift Time

One of the biggest highlights of October and 2011 was the Fabulous Girls' Night Out to see Taylor Swift. We went out to eat and to the concert and it was a great memory with my sister, nieces, and friends! She was awesome in concert and it was a show that was worth every penny.

Here are the highlights from the concert night:

All the girls (minus Kaitlyn & Kimberly)... we missed taking a picture with them before they left

The pretty girls all dolled up for Taylor!

The older girls... all dolled up for Taylor! Notice that Sonya and I have great minds and wore the same awesome dress.

The Jurkovich girls... Looking Beautiful

Caroline and Catherine excited about going into the stadium

Me and My Wonderful Sister

Showing the girls how to pose with Taylor

There you go girls.... work it!

Sonya and Addie Claire! Such a great picture!

Ready to go get our seats.... you can tell that Caroline was nervous about missing a minute of anything.

The Sisters

We found our seats!

Cassidy and I dancing to the opening band... I had to put on my glasses so I could see them :)


Caroline hanging out!

Enjoying the show!

My favorite part of the night. Catherine put her arm on Cassidy's shoulder and sang "You Belong To Me"... it was priceless and a sweet memory!

Pretty girls!

11:30 - Caroline is done with the show and ready to go home.... She sat here while Catherine, Cassidy and I danced to the last numbers by Taylor!

It was a great night and a wonderful memory I will cherish with my sweet nieces and sister! Taylor We Love You!

Belle Likes Being With Aunt Brooke

Belle loves to be in the kitchen when we are cooking, but she really likes to be in the kitchen when her mom is away and when she's in the kitchen with Aunt Brooke! Needless to say, Belle loves Peanut Butter!

Here let me help you with that Belle! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Leightyn!

The Williams Family came in town at the first of October, so we were able to celebrate Leightyn's first birthday! It was a great time! Here are the highlights from her party:

Leightyn's Wreath! It turned out great!

Purple Lady Bug Cookies

Sugar Cookies

Catherine about to enjoy her treats!

The three girls

Miss Birthday Girl

Kinsley and Leightyn playing with new gifts!

Movie time

Here is the birthday girl before her party.... saying when does this thing start?!?

The cupcakes and table with pictures of Miss L

Happy Birthday Leightyn.... We love you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

September... Month In Review

This year I'm not doing the Picture Challenge, but I still love to take pictures. I want to remember what I did each month so I'm having a month in review. Here are the highlights from September 2011:

We met the Williams Family and David's Parents in San Antonio for the weekend! Kinsley was a huge fan of Uncle David!

Kinsley and Me!

My favorite picture of David and Kinsley.... EVER

Wee Worship kicks off again with a great start... I have a wonderful group of 18! Super Blessed!

Birthday Boy & Barley

Barley is ready for football season! Go Sooners!

Birthday Dinner with our friends - Table Side 1

Table Side 2

Upward Football kicks off again... Carter with Sweet Kaitlyn

The Original Whitneys in OU attire.... BOOMER SOONER! I love my Football Saturdays!!

My sweet friends at Kallie's house. I love my girls!

Aunt Brooke meets Demi Paige!!! I'm SO in love!

Another fun day in the office. Bruce is rockin the punk look! :)

Happy Birthday to Me!

Catherine Grace getting baptized by her Dad

Sweet Catherine before being baptized

Birthday Night at the Fair... With a HEALTHY Meal!

Caroline chosen for the Fair Show, she was AWESOME!

Catherine and her man, Carson!

She couldn't help herself!

Blue Snowcone.... Night out with Aunt Brooke

My 4 Cs! Bahama Bucks night!