Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Resolutions... Maybe just a Bucket List!

I would consider myself pretty normal... in the sense that I, like most people, want to change and be a better me every year. Though I didn't take the time to make a list of New Year's Resolutions I seem to have the same ones year after year:

1) Lose 15 pounds, so I can be the best me

2) Be more productive by waking up an hour earlier every day

3) Being a person that says NO and is not a doormat to others.... this is always on the list but has never been conquered

4) Something else that I know will make me a better me

By February 1st I have already eaten 8 boxes of girl scout cookies that were bought on the 31st, I sleep in an hour later than the year before, I'm the ring the door, step on me, door mat again & I'm not really liking the "Better Me"

This year I have decided instead of making a list that will have me upset because I failed by February, I will make a change. This year I will make a List of all the things I want to do in 2011. These things will be things that I have wanted to do and so hopefully I will be able to look back on my year and I will be happy about all the things that I was able to accomplish instead of the things I lacked doing or resolutions I failed to keep. Also whatever was not accomplished in 2011 can always transfer to 2012!

Here is my Bucket List for 2011, who knows I might add more things to the list or adjust things that might not be what I really want to do:

1) Have a Family Getaway

2) Succeed in my Job - Have new skills that I didn't have in 2010

3) Start a New Hobby

4) Become a good sewer

5) Make a new friend

6) Get a Great Surprise for 2011 - I don't know what this will be but I want it to be something GREAT! (David you could do this.... wink, wink!)

7) Do something for someone that they can't do for themselves

8) Master 5 new recipes that become Family Favorites

9) Start a New Tradition

10) Have a Game Night Group

These ten things are things that I would love to have happen in 2011... Wish me luck!! I'll keep you posted!

Before I go..... I also still believe in having goals and resolutions, so here are ones that I want to do to become a "better me", and no I'm not putting one in about weight (already failed) :)

1) Finish Every Bible Study I start, including our couple's bible study

2) Be the Best Aunt I can be by making each niece or nephew feel important or special

3) Be the best wife that David could have... This isn't a trophy wife or Suzy homemaker, this is a real wife and best friend that listens, understands, is not selfish & is his biggest fan and cheerleader in every situation.

4) Have a Humble, Servant's Heart in every situation

5) Be nicer to all the "not so intelligent" drivers in Lubbock, TX

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stephanie's Birthday

Birthdays are a big deal in our family! In our family we have a birthday or anniversary almost every month:

January - Dad's Birthday
February - Caroline's Birthday
March - FREE
April - Parent's Anniversary
May - Carter's Birthday
June- David & Brooke's Anniversary, Cassidy's Birthday
July - Brad & Catherine's Birthday & Stephanie & Brad's Anniversary
August - FREE
September - David & Brooke's Birthday
October - Mom's Birthday
November - FREE
December - Stephanie's Birthday

With all these birthdays we are celebrating around the year, here are the highlights from my sister's birthday this past December 2nd!

The Birthday Girl with Cassidy, Caroline, Belle & Carter

The family watching presents! We are also wearing OU today because they were playing in the BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP and yes they won!!! :)

Stephanie's Birthday cake that is spelled wrong... I guess they thought Stephanie was spelled, Stephaine. ?!?!

The birthday girl with the birthday cake!

Brad & Stephanie with the mistake of a cake :)

Making a wish!

Belle chillin with Carter watching the Sooners!

This is how Belle rolls!

Green Family Pictures 2010

David and I got married in June 2009 and have never had a family picture with the Green family since then. Since June of 2009 Leightyn was born and so this past November we used the great Heather Witt to take family pictures for us! Here are some of the great pics!

Here is the whole family... you can tell that we were in Lubbock and it was another windy day!

The four: David, me, David's sister Kristi, & her husband Brian

The Williams Family: Brian, Kristi, Kinsley & Leightyn

The whole gang!

The boys

Little Sweet Leightyn! I love the hat and bow!

Dreaming of something great!

Sweet Kinsley in her Cupcake Outfit!

Brian & Kristi

Brian & Kristi

Me and my wonderful hubby!

The Greens in Green!

So in love... Can't you tell he is so in love!!! :)

The Greens and Williams: David, Brooke, Glenda, Martin, Kinsley, Kristi, Brian & Leightyn.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Whole lot of catching up to do... Pictures 97-111

Day 111 - December 21, 2010 - Christmas time is here.... WOO HOO! The tree is looking pretty good... only 4 more things to wrap!

Day 110 - December 20, 2010 - Barley loves being in the car and when he gets to go on a ride in Momma's car he loves it more because he can sit like an adult. Next time I will make sure he buckles up! :)

Day 109 - December 19, 2010 - Stephanie was doing a breakfast/appreciation day for the teachers at Cooper West and I was helping her open a door as she was pulling 2 coolers into the lounge area. When we paused for a moment one of the coolers came off and ran all the way down Stephanie's leg.. here is the aftermath after 2 days!

December 108 - December 18, 2010 - Our Home Group adopted a family for Christmas and we were able to deliver gifts tonight. It was an honor to bless this family and it was a huge eye opener to David and I on how blessed we are and how lucky we are to have a healthy family. I was able to really experience the meaning of Christmas and the hope we have.

Day 107 - December 17, 2010 - Our Annual Christmas Dinner. David and I always have a nice meal just the two of us for our Christmas Dinner. This year we made Fillet with Blue Cheese and Onion Sauce, Potatoes Au Gratin, Honey Glazed Carrots & Baked Chocolate Fudge! It's always fun cooking together and being together.

Day 106 - December 16, 2010 - When I came back into town Martin, David & I went to breakfast the next morning... on the way out I saw my first ever African American Nativity Scene... Awesome!

Day 105- December 15, 2010 - Work Christmas Party. It was a great night meeting every ones spouses and talking and laughing about great stories! We had a great meal and conversations! I'm super blessed to have the job I have and work with the people I do. One of the big highlights of the night was this Good God Almighty Dessert!! I would have given up a child for another one of these!

Day 104 - December 14, 2010 - Christmas party with my girls! We had a great time making dinner, exchanging gifts and playing nerts! This little guy made the night! I love his cute feet!

Day 103 - December 13, 2010 - Leightyn wanted to make my day so she did this! :)

Day 102 - Wee Worship and their Christmas Program! Half of the Group!

Day 102 - December 12, 2010 - Wee Worship Christmas Program - It was very fun and interesting especially in the first service! I love little kids and microphones! Other half of the group!

Day 101 - December 11, 2010 - The Williams family went to a birthday party in Minnesota and Leightyn was defiantly the cutest person there... thanks to her favorite Aunt Brooke she was rockin the Santa outfit!

DAY 100 - December 10, 2010 - I DIDN'T TAKE A REAL PICTURE ON THIS DAY AND IT'S DAY 100... I have let myself and the world down... by the way these are David and I's stockings, next year I hope to get names on them... I was a slacker this year!

Day 99 - December 9, 2010 - Stephanie and Brad went to a church Home Group party and so I took the J Kids out to look at Christmas lights & to Baskin Robins. Here is Catherine's tongue after the sherbet!

Day 98 - December 8, 2010 - The other table of my Wee Worship friends. We celebrated Jesus's birthday with cupcakes, cookies & popcorn! WOO HOO!

Day 98 - December 8, 2010 - Our Wee Worship Christmas Party! I love my choir we had an awesome time celebrating Jesus's Birthday at his Birthday Party. I had to have 2 pictures to show you all my Wee Worship Friends!

Day 97 - December 7, 2010 - The Dead Camera - Here is my friend the camera that started the journey with me in September is now laid to rest on December 7, 2010... I hope you find rest and I hope the new friend we bought has a long life... I GOT TO MAKE THIS A YEAR... COME ON CAMERAS COME ON!

Day 97 - December 6, 2010 - After I went to the frame class at the church it has been my new hobby! Since the boys were working out (David and Vince), Teryn and I made frames. I have made 12 to date or 15... I can't remember! :)

Day Challenge Pictures - Before the Death of the Camera

This is the last picture that my camera took... we were trying to take pictures after the program and I went to grab the camera back from Steph and it dropped on the lens while it was open! Sad day in 365 picture challenge land!

Day 96 - December 5, 2010 - This was our Christmas program at the church... this picture is of the Monks in the Hallelujah chorus... the best part of the program! My favorite sign holder was Lord AKA Cassidy!

Day 95 - December 4, 2010 - Stephanie's Family birthday! We celebrated Stephanie at Roadhouse and then we went back to the house for cake (which her name was spelled wrong on)! Happy Birthday Stephaine! (that's how it was spelled)

Day 94 - December 3, 2010- I'm a PROUD wife. David had tons of test the week after Thanksgiving and he was really studying hard for Dynamics. Half the class failed the test, 13 got Cs, 4 Bs, 3 As & 3 100s... YES DAVID GOT A 100... and yes it will be on the frig!

Day 94 - December 2, 2010 - Today is a WONDERFUL day it is the day of my sister's birth! That night while Brad took Steph out I took Cassidy and Caroline to a frame making class taught by Jolene at church... here is my finished masterpiece!

Day 93 - December 1st - My beautiful tree complete. This year I did an all white & silver snowflake and ice theme with a D & B!

Day 92- November 30, 2010 - I put up my Christmas Tree.... the night before we were putting up trees at the church and Shelly made a white bow that we ended up not using, so it became my new topper for my tree!! Not bad for a first timer... and none of the snowflakes have fallen out yet... cross your fingers!

Christmas 2010

Christmas Time is Here! I love decorating the house for Christmas. David talked me into waiting till after Thanksgiving or I would have started in October! Here are some of the decorations at the Green's house!

The Reason for the Season! Happy Birthday Jesus! You can defiantly tell I have an Early Childhood Degree by my nativity scene!

Snowmen are my FAV! My in-laws got me all snowmen things for Christmas this year... here are the cute little snowmen friends!

My new Snowmen dishes: Cookie Jar, Bowl & Platter. Every year I want David to buy me a new snowman cookie jar so I can treasure my new collection!

My dinning room table with my new Snowman dishes!

My snowmen and football team plates... OU is always higher! :)

More snowmen and more dishes!

My Christmas wreath I made this year!

My snowman card holder

Our entertainment center kissed with Christmas

Our tree and presents