Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Glenda's Birthday 2013




Mommy's Monkey

Pretty girls some times cries!

Sleeping Beauty

Tummy Time

Tummy Time is Anna Kate's least favorite thing to do! She likes to be held, go figure! :)

Catherine's First Basketball Game

Anna Kate loved Catherine's first game. When they would have a time-out she would fuss! She loved all the action!

Dad & Anna Kate

Two loves of my life! Very Blessed!

Date with my Boyfriend!

Last week I took my friend Sara out for her birthday! She had a baby 3 weeks before I did, so Anna Kate loves when we get to see her boyfriend Landry!



Mommy & Me

I realized that I only have2 pictures with Anna Kate and me! I need to improve this! Here is one on our days at the house hanging out!

Meeting Kim

My sister had a best friend in Springdale named Kim. Her daughter now goes to Texas Tech. We met up with her a couple weekends ago so she could meet Anna Kate! I think Kim liked her!

I adore my Aunt Stephanie!

Shades for Anna Kate

I bought Anna Kate shades for Valentine's Day! She is such the Diva in them!

Cousin Time

My cousins love to hold me and I love them! We are going to have so much fun together!

A Night with Memaw & Papa

One night last week David had a work dinner, so Anna Kate and I went over to Memaw's and Papa's house! We had a great time!



Week 12 Birthday

Valentine's Day 2013

For my first Valentine's Day my Dad was my Valentine and we went to lunch with him at Abuleo's! I'm so super loved!
My gift to my Dad!
At lunch with Dad

Week 11 Birthday

Cousin Pictures - Valentine's 2013

We did pictures for David's parents for their birthdays with all the grandkids! They turned out great! It was the sweetest present they received!