Monday, February 17, 2014

Park Day

My happiest memories when I was little was going to the park with my Grandpa and feeding the ducks! AK is still really little to do much at the park but I loved taking her outside and I can't wait to enjoy our summer days at the park with my little family. AK would walk with David and hold hands, it was precious! 

Mommy Made a Big Fruit Mistake

Yesterday was a gorgeous day outside and so I wanted to take AK to the park and go get ice cream! I gave her a fruit pack before we left the house, thinking she would be neat and clean when we got to the park.... WHAT WAS I THINKING! Not only did I put her in a white dress to go to the park, but I didn't bring a change of clothes. Needless to say, I learned my lesson! 

Dog Bed for a Baby Girl

I bought a new dog bed for a puppy we will be getting in May. Baby girl thinks it's for her. With this look how in the world could I tell her no. This picture is one of my very favorite pictures of her! 

I Heart My Dad!

We had a valentine's dinner at the church on Sunday! Here is my Dad and I with our hearts! 

Unwrapping Her Gifts!

Valentine's Night

On Valentine's Day Night I spent my time with my sweet family! David and I fixed a great dinner and we showered Anna Kate with love and gifts! She got her first baby doll, she was so happy. Her reaction melted my heart. I'm so truly blessed!

Anna Kate's Valentine

Lady in Red - Many Faces of AK

Valentine's Day 2013 vs 2014

Anna Kate's First Soda!