Friday, April 21, 2017

Owen's 1st Birthday - From My Iphone

Here are some sweet highlights from Owen's 1st Birthday from my phone. We had a fun day celebrating a fun little boy! 

Sunday Service

We always love going to church in Bossier! The kids love to play and see family and the preaching is pretty good. :) 

Crazy Fun Times

Papa's Popcorn Helper

 My Dad has always made homemade popcorn, this time he had a helper! 

Louisiana Here We Come!

Anna Kate was the best big sister on our flight to Louisiana, she let Owen share her seat the whole time and kept him entertained.

Green Day at School for Miss. Green

1 Year Old Pictures

Oh how we love this 1 year old! It's crazy to believe that we have 1 year old baseball pictures when we were just painting a baseball nursery! We love you Owen Alan and we can't want to watch you grow! You have made our family complete! 

Owen's Monthly Pictures