Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dallas Weekend 2012

We spent a long weekend in Dallas! It was a great time of hanging out shopping, eating, and watching Rangers baseball! Here are some highlights:

David and Carter at In and Out!

Lunch! YUMMY!
Catherine paying with her own money at Sam Moon

I thought this would be good for Baby Green!

Mom and Dad at Babe's

Carter and Cassidy

They look so happy being together

After our fried chicken!

The boys at the Colonial

Carter bought his Oakleys for his birthday!

Cassidy having fun watching the girls try on outfits at Justice!

The boys after their movie, before dinner at Cheesecake Factory

Silly Girls

Me and the Hubs

At the game... hot!

Girls at the game

Go Rangers!

Firework show

Shoes for Baby Green :)

What Form!

The spaceship/car driving next to us on the way home!

BaBy Pictures!

So I wanted to take a picture every week to see how much I've grown.... All I can say is gross. Bad idea, and I have learned that I should always to my hair! :)

First Picture - Week 7

Week 8 - I look bigger than I was, this must have been after eating a tub of ice cream :)

Week 10 - Apparently I forgot Week 9.... SAD!

Week 11- It looks like I have a bubble in the back of my dress!

Week 12 - I can see something, Maybe ?!?!

Week 13 - Next week I will have my stickers, Sorry Teryn I forgot them 2 weeks in a row!

Baby Green's 2nd Visit

This week we had our second doctor's appointment. To be completely honest I have been really nervous because I haven't felt bad and I can't feel the baby move yet, so I sometimes worry. The one thing that I got from my Grandma Whitney was being a worry wart! We got to the appointment and our doctor had to leave for an emergency C-Section. They asked if we wanted to reschedule or wait and it wasn't even an option to reshedule for me, I was so anxious that I could have waited for hours. It ended up being great because the nurse came in and did a ultra sound while we waited, so we got 2, and as soon as she put the wand or whatever you call it on my stomach Baby Green threw up his or her hands and was like "Hey Mom & Dad here I am!" The whole time Baby Green was dancing away. Even the nurse was like man this kid is moving. I looked at David and I said I know who this baby is going to be like, and David said yeah you because you can't sit still! The nurse said and you will know who to blame when it has ADHD! :)

After the appointment David and I were so excited about all the moving and our baby throwing his or her hands up, that, that's all we could talk about. David looked at me and said we are going to be those parents who think anything is a big deal aren't we.... Yeah I'm going to have shirts made for every accomplishment! :)

We can't wait to see Baby Green again.... June 26th we will find out what we are having. The countdown has begun: 26 Days!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pirate Play Day 2012

Today was Pirate Play Day at the Cooper School. I took my lunch and went to see the kids in action! It was a hot but a fun day!!! Here are some of the highlights!

Caroline with her friends!

Before Caroline's tug a war contest! Highlight light of the day was 3rd grade girls beating the 3rd grade boys!

In Action!

Snoog and Brad

Water Slide Time

Holding her nose, because it's a huge puddle :)


Freezing Catherine and Me

Chillin out with Nachos!

Carter and Friends!
It's hard to believe it's time for Summer! Bring on the pool, shaved ice, vacations, and more! 

Wee Worship End of the Year Party

Every Wednesday I'm super blessed to be with my Wee Worship kids! Here is our end of the year party this year! I already miss them!

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Sweet Xander

Brynlee with her cupcake

Crazy Caleb

Silly Clarissa

Monkey Bregg

Love me some Reed

Funny Boys!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cassidy's 8th Grade Award Ceremony!

Last week we celebrated Cassidy at her 8th grade award ceremony! It's crazy to think that she will be in high school next year!!! We are so proud of her!

Walking across the stage


4 Cs

The J Family

Memaw and Papa