Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentine's Day

I love holidays and Valentine's Day is no exception! When I taught I LOVED the parties the most! It was my favorite time in the classroom! I was able to take my lunch and go to a little of the Valentine's parties at my nieces' and nephew's school. I missed Carter's party but I was able to see Catherine and Caroline!

It was a fun time and here are some of the highlights:Catherine at her party!

Caroline after she won bingo... she was the child that said no to a snickers bar and ask for a Hersey bar instead! Only Caroline! :)

Showing off her new outfit she bought at Justice with her birthday gift cards!

Me and my Snoog!

Gift from Aunt Brooke

Gift from Aunt Brooke

Gift from Aunt Brooke

Carter is not pictured, because he opened the gift, said I have it, take it back, and so I forgot to just take a picture of his face! :)

More gifts will be given in March to my other nieces Kinsley and Leightyn!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Catherine's First Basketball Game

This past weekend we had Catherine and Caroline's first basketball games! They were so great! The girls did a good job and it was a fun time to watch them play, some times funny. I'm looking forward to this season for both girls.

Here are the highlights from Catherine's Game (I will get pictures of Caroline next week):

Catherine played her friend Matti in the first game of the season!

The Super Star Catherine!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and it was fun to see all the posts of flowers and candy that people gave to one another. I LOVE any holiday and I LOVE getting and giving little gifts to show love, but I think everyday should be a Valentine's Day, showing the people you love how much they mean to you. Sending sweet texts, going out of your way to help someone out, knowing if someone if having a hard day taking time to make them smile! I will be trying to live like Valentine's Day throughout the year.

On the side note, David gave me flowers last year for Valentine's day, I loved them, but I think that businesses sell flowers for way too much on that day and they end up dying at the end of the week. This year David knew the perfect gift.... that's right I will be able to get 23 44oz Diet Cokes at United... the gift that lasts a month! :) Thanks Babe, Love You!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Basketball Season 2012

Basketball season is in full swing now! We have games every week for Carter and soon both Caroline and Catherine will be playing! It's going to be a busy couple of months!

Here are some of the highlights from Carter's first basketball game:

Carter with Uncle David

Carter with his sweet friend Kaitlyn! She came to support him at his first game!

OU Room is Complete

My Dad has a room in his house that is for the GREAT OU SOONERS! A couple weeks ago we completed the room, and I must say it's FABULOUS!

OU Helmet that I got as a Christmas gift from my favorite cousin Dustin! It's AWESOME! It's like 4x5 feet! It's Huge! Since David wouldn't let me put it in the living room, of our house, I let Dad have it for his OU room! I go and visit, and meditate in the room weekly!

Dad's pictures. Top is the last time Bradford went out of the OU locker room to play for the Sooners. The bottom is when Dad use to play for the Sooners. See the jersey with Whitney on the back (if you look closely you can tell that it's a black man, ha!).

Above the cabinets, OU pillows, bowls & mugs!

More OU items

The picture signed by Steve Owen, an OU Scentsy, OU Platter, OU Cow Bell, OU Bottle Opener, and an OU Popcorn bowl that the 4 Cs made Dad for Christmas!

The Joe Whitney Field Picture


He Shoots, He Scores for Aunt Brooke

Carter has started basketball again this year and we were preparing for the big game! I told him that day when he made the first shot, he should hit his chest with his fist and point to his Aunt Brooke. Carter scored twice in his first game and both times he did the tribute to his Aunt. The first time I didn't think to record it, and the second time my phone messed up. After the game was over I made him do it again to show what he did. It wasn't the same as the game. I still kick myself for missing the tribute! I have videotaped every game since.

Beauty & the Beast - 3D

This past January, when Kinsley was in town, we went to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. It was a fun time for the girls and it was great to see a movie again that came out when I was a kid.

Here are the highlights from our movie day:

The 3 girls ready to see Beauty and the Beast!

Kinsley wanted to hold Snoogs' hand throughout the show.

We arrived 20-30 minutes early and Kinsley never took off her glasses. It was really cute!

After the show! We had a blast!