Sunday, August 24, 2014

Watermelon Girl

AK's Last Day of Summer School

 AK's last day at her Summer School was last Friday. We had to get a picture with Ms. Debra. 

AK's Nap Mat is Here!

AK's nap mat came in the other day and she is SO happy! She wants it out all the time and likes to eat snacks on it. Hopefully she will sleep during nap time on it! 

Ready for School

AK loves to bring lots of things with her, everyday for school. It's funny what she chooses everyday! 

My Baby and Her Baby

Don't Cry

 I wanted to take a picture of AK's new outfit... this is the response I got. Poor baby! 

PSC Family Picnic 2014

David's work has a family picnic each summer and we have been apart for 2 years now. Each time I have ridden a ride with AK, soon she will want to ride by herself! What a difference a year makes! 

Reporting the Sports - Go Figure!


Where Did My Baby Go?

The other day I got AK ready for school and I had to take a double take, she is getting so big! It's hard to believe she will be two in less than half a year... SLOW DOWN!

AK Loves Her Papa

Arkansas - August 2014

I worked in Arkansas a couple weeks ago. I love that I work in the area where I grew up and went to school, because I have great company while I'm in town! 

Pictures of AK, While I Was Gone!

When I travel for work, it kills me to leave AK. I got cute pictures of her everyday to make it easier. I don't think she wore a bow the whole time I was gone! :) 


Before I left for Arkansas, we went to ChickFila for dinner. We were walking out the door and AK stopped at the registers and said ICE CREAM! She is so cute that we couldn't resist. 

Scarf Time

AK's Gigi had a scarf made for her! It is so pretty and sweet! We love Gigi!