Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Bootcamp

A couple of weekends ago David and I went to an all day baby class, to prepare us for child birth and taking care of our pumpkin. We were there 8 hours and more scared when we left than when we came. We watched 4 birthing videos! I really wish that the stork could bring Anna Kate to our house than how it's really going to happen! We toured the hospital and I think we are set to go. We just need to wait less than 10 weeks and she will make her debut!
David picked our seats in the back of the class... I think he thought the video wouldn't be seen there :)

He graduated to a coach!
My Mom Bag!

World's Best Sister

A week ago, my sister and I had a hard time with life. One of those weeks. I by no means had it as rough as my sister, but like always she always thinks of everyone but herself! To my surprise she bought me my favorite flowers and popcorn. WOW! Thanks Steph! She is the best sister in the world and my best friend. I have never met someone in my life that is so giving, a servant, and a better person. It's not just because she is family, she truly has the biggest heart and my world is better because of her!

Love you Steph! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 29 Bump Picture

Everyday we are getting closer and closer to pumpkins' arrival. I have been pregnant for over 200 days now! Soon we will be holding our angel and wishing time would stop so she wouldn't grow up too fast.
Things we have done so far:
Painting the Nursery this week - It's SO cute!
Blanket and Bed Skirt has been made for her bedding
I have purchased fabric for another blanket her mom is going to be making her
Diapers are being bought on sale with coupons
Started reading Baby Wise this week
Clothes are being washed
Organization is in full swing
Figuring out what to bring to the hospital - packing our bag next week
Got addresses for our baby shower ready
And we were able to see our beautiful baby in 3D this week
Pumpkin we can't wait to hold you, but we want you to continue to grow and stay put for 10 more weeks! We love you so much already! 

David's 30th Birthday!

Last weekend we celebrated David's 30th birthday with my family and his family! David wanted to BBQ and have dessert, so that's what we did.
Here are the highlights:
The Birthday Boy

Yummy Food!

Cassidy helping with drinks

Leightyn enjoying the food


Catherine in mid-sentence


Getting into the food!

With the birthday boy!

Gift time... notice Cassidy

He loves pictures

Fun shirt from the Jurkovichs

Another shirt

Cake Time

Happy for the wonderful dessert!

Sign that Stephanie put in the yard!

Monday, September 17, 2012

3D Ultra Sound!

 Here are the most recent pictures of my beautiful baby girl! We love you so much little pumpkin!
Pretty little face
She has her daddy's nose!

Her big foot and hands!!!

My favorite picture of her arms, legs and face. She was playing with her feet during the ultra sound! I also think she is smiling!

We love you!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

David's Friend Birthday Party!

Last Sunday we celebrated David's Birthday with our great friends! We had a great time at Roadhouse and eating dessert! We are super blessed to have such wonderful friends! 

One side of the table!

Other side of the table

The birthday boy!

Yummy Desserts!

The boys! They look so happy!

David's Birthday With His Family!

David's Birthday started out with gifts from his favorite person (Barley, no me) and that night we went to dinner with his family to the 50 Yard Line! It was a great time celebrating!
Gifts from me and 30 reasons why I love him

Anna Kate and Me ready for her Dad's Birthday! 28 Weeks

Only normal picture

When I would smile he would be crazy

When I was crazy he would smile! Go Figure!

The sign his mom bought!

Our little family after dinner!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Countdowns Begin

I started looking at countdowns today and it made me realize how close we are to Little Pumpkins arrival:

7 days till our next big 3D ultrasound 
29 days till Kallie's Wedding
43 days till my shower
69 days till Thanksgiving
79 days till Little Pumpkin is due
102 days till Christmas

These are exciting times!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday David!

 Yesterday we celebrated my wonderful husband's birthday! This was a big birthday for him being his 30th! We have had so many wonderful memories together in our 4 and half years together and I'm looking forward to the future. I love you David very much and I'm so thankful that you were made for me.
In honor of the 30th birthday here are 30 great pictures of Mr. Green. Next year he will have pictures with our little pumpkin!

Our first night on our honeymoon

Half way through our honeymoon, notice the tans!

Date Night

Erin & Brody's Wedding

New York

David is done with pictures in New York

My hot golfer

This picture is the true David

Our second Christmas married

Kinsley and David in the snow in Minnesota

David & Brad

One of my favorite pictures!

I just found this and had to share!

David and Leightyn... I can't wait to watch him hold Little Pumpkin!


We love Big Bang Theory!

David & Carter

Easter Sunday
Dallas Trip

Making fun of the way I stand

My favorite picture of him and Kinsley

David and Barley

Branson Trip

The love of my life! Love you David! Happy Birthday!