Thursday, May 23, 2013

How we Roll.... How we Shop!

My Uncle Rocks!

Uncle Brad graduated with his Doctorate this May so we had to celebrate big! Here are some highlights from his party!
AK is so proud of him!!



Happy 12th Birthday Carter

It's so crazy to think that my only nephew is already 12!!! I can't believe how fast life goes!
We are so proud of you Carter, and we love you very much!




My Mother's Day Gifts

David out did himself this year for Mother's Day and got me one of the sweetest gifts! He bought me a pearl necklace on our wedding day and for my first Mother's Day he gave me the bracelet and earrings to match. AK wore a pearl bracelet for Baby Dedication that day as well! It was one of the sweetest things and a great memory that I will always cherish!
My True Gifts


My whole set

Week 24 Birthday

Week 23 Pictures

Moving like crazy these days!!

Week 22 Pictures


Week 21 Birthday