Thursday, September 30, 2010

Graham White Chocolate Sticks

I'm really starting to use my kitchen more and more than I have in the past. When I was growing up I wasn't much of a cook because I didn't have to be. When my sister lived in the same town we always had her cook. When I was in college I cooked some but as a college student you could always find a free meal or it was sometimes basically cheaper to eat out for one person (especially if it was pageant time, carrots and water please, ha!)

Now that I have my own kitchen I like to cook for David and I, and I have really liked trying new recipes. It seems like there is always something to sign up for to bring food and so I have been able to have great practice the last couple of months. In all my time in the kitchen I can definately say that I love to bake more than cook. Probably because I was raised in a family were we had a different dessert every night! With that said you can see why I like to bake, I especially love to come across recipes that don't take any time or take many ingredients.
One of my favorite recipes that I make a lot around the holidays, but more now for gatherings and parties, is the Graham White Chocolate Sticks! There isn't an easy recipe out there!
Here is all you have to do:
First let me start by saying ..... If I can cook and bake in this kitchen.... ANYONE can do it! My kitchen probably would have fit well in the shoe that the lady lived in.... Remember, There once was a lady who lived in a shoe... yeah her!

3 Simply ingredients to make a great football, holiday, birthday, or party snack
Step 1) Melt the White Chocolate like the directions say, till it is creamy without any lumps
Step 2) Put an even amount of pretzels and golden grahams in a mixing bowl
Step 3) Pour the White Chocolate over the pretzels and cereal and mix
Step 4) Pour the cereal and pretzels with the chocolate out on wax paper to dry for 30 minutes (more or less time depending on the chocolate's mood)
Step 5) Break into smaller pieces and place in a bowl, bag or other serving item and ENJOY!

This is how it will look when it's drying... I like to sample it throughout the process just to make sure it will do! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September Birthdays

David and I both have our birthdays in September! David has his first on the 11th and then I'm 15 days later on the 26th! I love having my birthday after because I'm the most amazing wife with gifts on the 11th and then he has 15 days to say thank you! Ha!
Here are some highlights from our September birthdays!

On my actually birthday with homemade cheesecake by my wonderful sister Stephanie!

My wonderful husband on my birthday! He is so cute!

David with his cookie that says princess! Perfect for him!

My cute cookie cake!

Princess Brooke Cake

David and I at the fireplace with my presents!

David's cheesy smile, had to post it!

I told my sister that I would love to have everything individually wrapped... that's why there are so many packages!
David and I out to dinner at Roadhouse for my birthday.

David with one of his t-shirts from Brad and Steph

A shirt from Brad... David will probably wear it for a family photo!

David and his gifts

David with the 4 Cs.... Carter is trying to be tough!

David with his sheet cake! It's HEAVENLY!

Poppyseed Chicken & Hashbrown Casserole! David's pick for his birthday.

Dinner out with friends for David's birthday! We are blessed!

David and I at dinner!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Picture Update!

Day 27 - September 27, 2010 - My new Living Room wall with my two new pictures that David gave me for my birthday!

Day 26 - September 26, 2010 - My 25th Birthday... me with my Cheesecake homemade by my amazing sister!

Day 25 - September 25, 2010 - My birthday presents from my wonderful family! My sister knows that I love opening a million gifts so she individually wrapped them.

Day 24 -September 24, 2010 - About to play Murder! David looks like he is about to murder someone!

Day 23 - September 23, 2010 - Dinner out with David's Parents for my birthday at Roadhouse.

Day 22 - September 22, 2010 - First day of Children's Choir! What a great group of kids!

Day 21 - September 21, 2010 - David has been studying nonstop for 4 tests, so when I saw him I took a picture

Day 20 - September 20, 2010 - Barely loves spending time with his mom...even when I'm working... he fell asleep twice that day on mom.

Day 19 - September 19, 2010 - Catherine made a new friend! Hartley and Catherine BFFs forever!

Day 18 - September 18, 2010 - We always have a big spread for big games, we did our famous spread for the Tech vs. Texas game! At least the food was good!

Happy Birthday! It's like getting a Pony!!!

Ever since I can remember birthdays have been my FAVORITE time of the year! I use to love having the parties, the cookie cake, the friends over and the day that you got to be the center of attention. Now I'm not so into the center of attention as I'm in to eating the cookie cake, cheesecake, birthday dinners, lunches & donuts! :)

This birthday was a harder birthday for me because I finally feel older. This birthday was the last birthday in the young 20s I am now 25 so I will be going to the late 20s next year! I'm actually an adult?!? When did this happen? When did I stop giving goody bags at my parties? When did I start wanting to clean and organize my house or take a nap on my birthday?!? What's up with this age thing?!

Another thing that I noticed this birthday was how extremely blessed I am. I had friends tell me happy birthday and I was overwhelmed with the love from my family. Short story... every year but one (my 16th birthday) I have always had a cookie cake. This year my sister Stephanie talked about making me a cheesecake for my birthday. I wasn't upset with the cheesecake idea because I love cheesecake. On the Saturday of my family party however I was a little sad about the fact that I wouldn't have a cookie cake. We opened presents and went into the kitchen to sing happy birthday and I had already seen the cheesecake that Steph had made so I was very happy. As I'm walking to the table I notice a big red box that I have seen many times before and low and behold it was my birthday cookie! WOW... I'm pretty taken care of. I know it's a cookie but hey it made my day and my birthday! As I left my sister's house that night I was thinking about how my life is truly awesome, to be honest every day feels like a birthday. Every week I am able to see my family, go out to dinner, watch movies or TV shows with family or friends, go eat ice cream, play outside with my nieces & nephew, teach children's choir, coach cheerleading, talk to my dad about OU football, cook for different events, hang out with my home group, plan for the future, go on walks, and basically live life the way I want. I guess everyday is my birthday!

Super happy about being next to birthday balloons!

One of many Birthday Cookies... And my mother rockin the stripes and red pants

Super cute... my dad should have bought me Japan for that smile!

Oh I'm so pleased with this toy that tells me the animals... Heavenly Angel (notice the plastic heels, they still fit)

Still to this day I'm so scared of fire! I think Stephanie enjoyed the crying that was taking place due to the fire!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lately - Picture Challenge

Day 17- September 17th- After a Lubbock Storm we wake up to find that our fence has fallen down in our neighbors yard. We also find 3 new friends in our yard and their presents!

Day 16 - September 16th - I was at my hotel about to leave for work and a man approaches me when I'm making hot tea. He asks if I have one in the cooker, thinking about my tea I said yes (since it was brewing). He then says congrats when are you due. I'm speechless by know and say I misunderstood you... I'm not PG! This picture show you my "PG Outfit"

Day 15 - September 15th - Lars and Katy drove up from Fort Smith to see me. Everytime they come we eat at PF Changs! It was great seeing them, I miss the college times that we had together. Katy is now a coach and teacher for high school and Lars is working at a hospital... it's like we are old!

Day 14 - September 14- While in Arkansas I was able to meet up with the fabulous 3 together we make the fab 4! No matter when we get together it's always like we never left! We went to Abuelos and then to play card like always at Ash's house! I miss my girls!

Day 13 - September 13 - First day in Arkansas... I was thinking about my parents so I went to one of their favorite places when I was there Mimi's Cafe. I enjoyed every bite of the quiche, muffin, salad, fruit & bread basket.

Day 12 - September 12th - Victory Day! Our church hosted a Victory Day on Tech campus! It was an awesome time and a great turn out. I'm extremely blessed to go to the church I go to!

Day 11 - September 11th - Our First Upward Cheerleading Game! Here is my cute little squad! They did SO well! They loved the outfits and pom-poms!

Day 10 - September 10th - David's Birthday with my family! He was really spoiled that evening!!! Good food and great gifts!
Day 9 - September 9th - Dinner for David's Birthday with great friends Vince and Teryn known to us as Veryn or Tince.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What a Wonderful Week!

Day 8 - September 8th - If anyone knows me they know that I LOVE being an Aunt! I have the most wonderful nieces and nephew in the world and there is nothing that I wouldn't do for them! I don't know if I will be able to have kids because I don't know if I will like my kids as much.... ha!

Day 7 - September 7th - SERIOUSLY MOM.... I'm so done with this picture challenge... no more pictures!

Day 6 - September 6th - My favorite place to eat in college was Calico County. When David and I were traveling back to Texas we found the orginial Calico... so DUH, we ate there!

Day 5 - September 5th - David and I spent all Sunday morning and most of the afternoon and evening with my Grandpa! We love seeing him! He is one reason why I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to read children books like he read to me!

Day 4 - September 4th - OU vs. Utah State! Kick off Football Season! David, Mom, Dad & I went to Norman and watched my boys start 2010 in style.... well maybe not the best style we are going to have to get our act together or it's going to be a long season!!! Boomer Sooner!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day - Changes

I spent Labor Day, like many Labor Days, in Enid Oklahoma. My parents' families both live in Enid and so I try to at least make the trip 2 times a year so I can see grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. This trip was a little bit harder than trips in the past. The travel is 6 -6 1/2 hours and that doesn't bother me but it was the first trip back to Enid since my Grandma past away. When traveling down I-40 I started thinking about the last Labor Day and how Stephanie and the girls and I went to Enid and spent the day with my Grandma cutting her hair, playing dominoes, and laughing. David and I went to see my Grandpa in the same room that they lived in at their retirement home and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I walked to the door and noticed the name still on the label and as I went to the elevator I became this silly baby who was tearing up over an empty elevator that we had taken with Grandma many times before. The part that was the hardest for me to stand was leaving my Grandpa in the room, as he set in the chair next to an empty one.

This trip made me realize the value of family and living life to the fullest. My Grandpa loved my Grandma with everything and it's so apparent to see that since she is gone. We told stories about her and his face continuously shined when thinking about her. This trip was unlike any trip for me because I truly think that I learned a lot from it and so did David. I only wish that I could live closer to my Grandpa and other Grandma so I could check on them daily.

One thing that caught my attention when we were traveling was a song by Austin's Bridge that sums up life. It's called Life's Too Short, here is the chorus:

Life's too short,

Time gets lost along the way,

Too soon your tomorrow turns into yesterday,

I know that your weary but believe me when I say,

Life's too short.

Stephanie, Grandma and I Labor Day 2009 (Stephanie's Camera always has the wrong date)