Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Black Beauty!

Baby Girl and Her Daddy's Guitar

David sold his bass guitar and before he could part with it I needed pictures of the princess with the guitar. This was a special guitar for David and me and I hated to see it go!

Caroline's School Assignment

Caroline has a school assignment that she is doing for 5th grade... I was so surprised that she chose me! Super blessed!

Anna Kate's First Day of School

Anna Kate did great at school on her first day! Her teacher Miss. Ayrn sent me this during the day. It melted my heart! I love her little grin!

First Day of School Pictures


Birthday Wreath is Ready!

I'm beginning to make her birthday decorations for her 1st birthday! I think she likes the wreath!

Morning Cuddles!

Loves Red Ducks!


Main Event Play Day

Back to School Celebration