Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Year In Review - December 2015

 December 2015 Highlights:

  • We started off the month celebrating AK's 3rd Birthday
  • Mommy and Daddy brought donuts to school
  • We had a family party with David's Family
  • We had a friend party at Jumpin Jungle 
  • We set on Santa's lap at Daddy's Work and didn't cry 
  • We had another amazing Women's Christmas Dinner at the church, my favorite by far
  • We had a Little Wings Christmas Night and AK cried when seeing Santa 
  • We hosted the Home Group Christmas Party at our house... ugly sweaters
  • I went to Arkansas for work and met Baby Kasen
  • I was off work for 2 weeks and we did playdates and crafts with friends
  • We celebrated Christmas Eve at church, then a family dinner and a movie
  • David did another great wrapping job on my present
  • Santa came and brought AK an easel and lots of goodies
  • Owen and I are getting bigger every week
  • Owen got his first gifts with his name on it
  • Memaw and Papa came to town on the Saturday before a big winter snow storm and we were stuck inside for days! They were unable to leave until Friday! We got a ton done while they were here!

Looking back on this year it has been AMAZING! I'm so super blessed and can't wait to see what all 2016 holds for us! 

A Year In Review - November 2015

November 2015 Highlights:

  • We shopped like a Diva
  • We celebrated Landry's 3rd Birthday with a swimming party
  •  We celebrated Dad as a Veteran
  • I put up Christmas
  • We celebrated Hannah with a painting party
  • We did Sunday Lunches Together
  • My friends and I made and amazing Christmas Video 
  • AK worn cute Thanksgiving/Fall outfits
  • AK got a BIG GIRL Bed 
  • AK and Her Daddy took almost a 3 hour nap in her big girl bed together
  • We went to Louisiana for Thanksgiving 
  • We had a great Black Friday
  • We celebrated AK's 3rd birthday in Louisiana 

A Year In Review - October 2015

October 2015 Highlights:

  • We celebrated Leightyn's 5th Birthday
  • AK went to her first appointment with us to see her new baby... we were told it was a boy at the appointment before and at this appointment they couldn't tell
  • AK and I went to Louisiana for Homecoming week.
  • OU lost their first football game to Texas... horrible! 
  • AK and Leightyn were super sweet 
  • Teryn and Kim did a birthday lunch for me with 30 gifts for my 30th
  • We went to Griffin's birthday party and had a blast
  • We found out for sure that we were having a BABY BOY! 
  • We threw an OU vs Tech Football party and OU WON! 
  • AK had a hayride and pumpkin patch day at her school
  • AK was a princess at David's work for Halloween and an owl on Halloween
  • We did family pictures