Monday, January 23, 2012

Next Chapter in Our Journey

Anyone who knows David and I well know that we are about to embark on the next part of our journey.... Graduation! David will graduate from Tech this Spring with a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. He has worked so hard and done so great and I'm truly proud of all he is doing at Tech. For over a year I have been thinking about the party I will throw him (that he doesn't want so it's more for me, ha!). We have been dreaming about future jobs, trips, 2 incomes, and a new house. We fell in love with a house that we saw a future in and we began to clean out closets and clutter over David's break, so that we could put our house on the market. After talking and hearing advice from former engineers, David came to me and told me about more options and opportunities he could have by going to grad school. After hearing about the opportunities, praying, and knowing how hard David would work to obtain this dream, we knew this was what God was calling us to do. We had planned for weeks, months and even a couple years to be done in May, but we have a peace about this decision and we know that God will provide, like he has in the past. David says what's one year more of being broke in the long run. Yes it will be tight, but I have looked back on what we have been able to do and have in the last 3 years and I'm amazed. We are super blessed to have a home as a young married couple. We are super blessed to have cars. I am blessed to have a job I love. I also believe that we are super blessed to live the life we have, being able to take small vacation, enjoy nights with friends, cook good meals, and by being happy. I think that we have more than we could ever ask for and I know that we will be better in the long run for this new chapter in our journey. It's not what we had a originally planned, but I know that it is what God has planned for us!

Let's Go Texas Tech!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Countdown... 2 More Days!

2 More Days and Kallie comes to Lubbock!!! CAN'T WAIT!

The last time Kallie was here was on my wedding day! I can't wait to be at her wedding in October!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kallie is Coming... Start the Count Down!

I'm SO EXCITED! My best friend Kallie is coming to Lubbock this Friday! In honor of Kallie coming I'm going to blog a picture of me and my BFF every day till she arrives!!! I'm so pumped!!! WOO HOO!

Here is Kallie and me on the trip back from Dallas with our new friend the purple suitcase... (4 girls, one car, WAY OVER PACKED!)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stephanie's 40th Birthday Celebration!

This blog has been a long time coming. This year was a special year for my sister, she turned 40! I wanted to make this a special birthday so we threw her a friend party and then we had special things planned for her birthday. I took off work and we shopped during the day, had lunch at Chipotle's, and then it was time for the family birthday! I had been planning since July to have a party with 40 gifts for her to open! Every gift was wrapped and numbered! It was a fun night and I was so glad we could do it for her! My sister is so selfless and does everything for everyone, so it was so nice getting to surprise her for a change!

Here are the highlights from her 40th birthday:

The family picture with her cake! Caroline went to a slumber party so I had Carter hold up a picture of her, so she could be there to celebrate with us!

All 40 gifts

Stephanie with her gifts!

Gift 1 - Dinner to Roadhouse from Mom & Dad

Gift 2 - Rosas Gift Card from Caroline

Gift 3 - Charm from Caroline

Gift 4 - Chick-Fil-A Calendar - Everyone got her one so it's hard to say who this was from!

Gift 5 - Charm from Belle

Gift 6 - Cozy Socks from the Greens

Gift 7 - Red & Black Bracelet - From Mom & Dad

Gift 8 - Favorite Christmas Candy - From the Greens

Gift 9 - Scentsy Bars - from Mom & Dad

Gift 10 - Charm from Cassidy

Gift 11 - Chick-Fil-A Calendar

Gift 12- Notecards - From the Greens

Gift 13- Headphones - From Brad

Gift 14 - Charm from Catherine

Gift 15 - Chick-Fil-A Calendar

Gift 16- United gift card for Teas - From the Greens

Gift 17 - Michael Buble CD - From Brad

Gift 18 - Twlight Woods - From Mom & Dad

Gift 19 - Chick-Fil-A Calendar

Gift 20 - Charm from Carter - Notice Cassidy in the pictures, LOVELY!

Gift 21 - Washing Gloves - From the Greens

Gift 22 - Coffee - From Mom & Dad

Gift 23 - Belle Stocking - From Belle

Gift 24 - Charm from Brad

Gift 25 - Dish Towels, oh how she needed them! - From the Greens

Gift 26 - Charm from Brad

Gift 27- Kohl's Gift Card from Catherine

Gift 28 - Blue Shirt - From the Greens

Gift 29 - Rosas Gift Card - From Mom & Dad

Gift 30 - Over decorating ornament - From the Greens

Gift 31 - Small Pretzels - From the Greens

Gift 32 - Shoe ornament - From Mom & Dad

Gift 33 - Bunko & Bunko Score Sheet - From the Greens

Gift 34 - New Work Bag - From the Greens

Gift 35 - Belle Ornament - From Belle

Gift 36 - Favorite Peppermints - From Mom & Dad

Gift 37 - One of her favorite 80s candies - From Mom & Dad

Gift 38 - Soaps - From the Greens

Gift 39 - Platter from the kids - they gave it to her at her party!

Gift 40 .... What could it be???!?!

Plane tickets.... HMMMM.....

3 Nights at the Muze??!?!? HMMMM........

Reading.... Shocked???

Start Spreading the News!!! NEW YORK, NEW YORK!!!!

It was so much fun to plan and watch! Great birthday for the greatest sister! Love ya Steph!!!