Thursday, August 12, 2010

One Year Later..... One Year Smarter

David and I celebrated our first year of marriage this past June! It has been a fast year or learning more about each other and ourselves. In the process I have learned many things about myself and about my husband in the process.

What I have learned about myself:

1) I love David more than I thought possible

2) I can be hard headed

3) Bills are not my best friend

4) Families are forever

5) Wear lots layers to bed... I never have covers & we have 2 fans in our bedroom

6) I always have a best friend

7) I can fight with the best of them ..... Have adjusted that :)

8) The place I like to be most in life is sitting on the couch at 9 at night watching NCIS with David

9) Life is Happy

10) Married Life is Worth the Wait!

What I think David learned:

1) That he loves his wife

2) That he can hard headed

3) Bills are not his best friend

4) Families are Forever

5) That he has it made when he sleeps with all the covers and 2 fans

6) He Always has a Best Friend

7) He can fight with the best of them (I think he was truly one of the best ones, ha!) .... He has adjusted that :)

8) He loves NCIS on the couch at 9

9) Life is Happy

10) Married Life is Worth the Wait

David and I are truly happy about seeing what the next 80 years have in store. Maybe by next year we will have a top 20 list of what we learned!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What to do ..... 2010?!?!

I feel like this year has been so fast and crazy. When thinking about what we were going to do in the year 2010, David and I had nothing special on the calendar. The "Nothing Special" on the calendar changed to New York City, Walt Disney World, Girl's & Guy's Weekends and a lot of family gatherings! One of the greatest highlights thus far in our married journey has been New York City.
It's all about LOVE and the guy in plaid shorts!
David and I in front of Lady Liberty! Great time... she is really big... like really big
Our last night posing in front of the building that Avon is in. My first time to New York was for a meeting with Avon over a product... I enjoyed this visit a lot more!
On the Subway headed to the Statue of Liberty... The subway was great once we learned how to buy our subway metro card! :)
Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate... do I need to say more?
David eating our favorite meal in New York... Carmines!
Central Park was incredible! We made it only half way through. Hope to go back to see the other half!

Shopping with my first Diet Coke of the trip.... can you believe it 2 days after we arrived!
Our first Broadway Show and our favorite! Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth made my life!
Our first Yankee's Game! The Stadium was awesome... my burger not so much, but the game AWESOME!

David & I on top of the Rockefeller Center, looking out and seeing the beautiful New York City!

David and I hope to travel back very soon.... maybe 2011. :)