Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NEW Green House!

David and I are so blessed that we were able to move into our new house this summer! It is such a blessing to live here and we can't wait to entertain and build memories for years to come in this house! Here are some of what we have done so far, we still have a long way to go. Our goal is to have everything ready and done when our little pumpkin comes, so we have 17 weeks and counting!

Master Bedroom

My sink

David's sink

Little piece of heaven

We actually can move in this room now!

Our marriage wall

Barley in the entry way... wall decor to come soon

Living Room

Other side of the living room

We can fit people in here now!

Kitchen and my favorite "G"

I love the space

Table and other side of the kitchen

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom

My Office.. hanging more pictures soon

Extra Bedroom

I will post more pictures of the other bedroom "Pumpkin's Room" when it starts coming together!!!

Brad's Birthday the BIG 39!

Before everyone left for Youth Camp and Kid's Camp we celebrated Brad's Birthday! It was a great night with family and Brad is one more year closer to the BIG 40!

Here are the highlights:

The cake... the 9 was falling, it must be old too! :)

The kids

The whole family

Making a Wish

Golf Shirt

Always have to have the funny shirts

Everyone wants a photo

Circus Peanuts... he gets them every year

Happy Birthday Brad!!! We can't wait for next year's big bash! :)

Date Challenge Begins!

After getting things together for Baby Green, I realized that we are 17 weeks away from her arrival, and that is if she makes it to her due date. After cleaning my car out this weekend I was blessed to find 5 gift cards for out to eat places, so it got me thinking.... David and I can't wait for our little pumpkin to be here, but we do know that life will change greatly once she arrives. We know that our quality time will be cut since we will be loving and caring for her and adjusting to parenthood. With that said, I told David we are going to do something awesome before she comes, we are going to have a dating challenge. Since we have 17 weeks left (or less) we are going to go on 15 dates. 5 of our dates we will be able to spend NO money since we have gift cards. Every date doesn't have to be dinner, it can be ice cream out, or a meal in at home, but it's going to be something just between the 2 of us. We will be able to date after little pumpkin gets here, but we want to remember this time before she arrives as our quality time together. More than likely every date we will talk about her or end up getting her something! :)

Tonight the challenge kicks off at Funky Door! I have a gift card and we are looking forward to Date #1!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our First House Together

We have had a crazy month of moving! Since we have been busy I haven't had time to post pictures of our first house together that we moved out of at the beginning of July. David bought this house new in 2003 and I was his 7th roommate in this house! With that said that many boys and a dog can do a lot of damage to a place. We were so super lucky to have a house as newlyweds and we are blessed to have a new house for our family to grow up in!

So long house on 97th! We will miss you!
I love the vine in the summer!
Our sweet 1st home together

The red bathroom.... MANY MEMORIES of  wanting so bad to have a red room, those days are gone after painting it 5 times!

Our tiny laundry room. We now have lots of room!

Our small kitchen!

Dinning area

Living Room

Our bedroom

Our bathroom

Hall Closet and only storage sapce

Guest Bedroom



Thanks for all the memories!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby Girl Green's Bedding Fabric!

I'm so super excited, last weekend we went and bought Baby Girl Green's bedding! It is going to be so cute! My sister-in-law is making the bedding, but I thought I would show you the fabric before and after the project is complete!!! WOO HOO!

All  the Fabric!!

This will be the satin ruffle at the top!

This is how the ruffle will look at the bottom on the crib skirt!!

Stay turned to see more of Baby Girl Green's Room!!!