Thursday, April 26, 2012

Best Christmas Gift Ever

Here is the start of the Baby Green journey. This past Christmas David bought and wrapped me a gift to open on Christmas Day. I had no idea what it was and little did I know it would change our lives forever.

Talking to David, at some point in our relationship, I made the statement that the perfect Baby Shower Gift for me would be a video camera, because I would want to video everything when a baby comes. On Christmas morning we ate breakfast with my family and before we went to church David asked me to open this gift in front of just the two of us. I had no clue what it was. I open the snowmen tin and found a video camera and case. I began to tear up and he looked at me and he said do you know what that means..... I'm ready.

Christmas 2011 will forever be my favorite Christmas! 

Baby Makes 3

I have so badly wanted to post and announce this for weeks now! I'm so happy to announce that Baby Green will be making his or her debut this November. We heard the baby's heart beat today and it was strong and fast!

I am now excited to blog about all the ways we told we were pregnant to family and friends. It's been hard not to scream it out, so I have been laying low on blogging, but now the party begins! WELCOME BABY GREEN... you are loved more than you could ever know!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It Fits!

This is a proud moment so I thought I would share! My nieces get lots of clothes/shoes passed down from me. Cassidy gets a lot of benefit from this because I hardly wear anything that much and so she gets a new wardrobe from me every year. I think this year she said I gave her over 25 dresses. (anyone who knows me, knows dresses are my thing). My sister was cleaning out the girls closets and making room for Spring and Summer clothes one night, and since David was in class I decided to help. Caroline, aka Mini-Brooke, was trying on the summer clothes and I noticed that our tastes are pretty much the same, so I tried to find a skirt that was my favorite in college for her to try on and wear. We found the skirt and she tried it on and it fit! She wore it the next day to school. She was happy for the new skirt  (and shoes from Aunt Brooke, yes we wear the same size in shoes too) and I was happy that a 9 year old fit into what I wore as a sophomore. (I think the skirt was a 12/14 in kids) Pretty impressive moment and one I will never have again! :)

No Room For Catherine

This is from a while ago, but I forgot to post. One day we went to Sam's to get some things we needed. Since my sister doesn't have the mini-van anymore it's a little snug when we get a lot of things. (we found this out, especially on this day.) In order to get everyone and everything in, we had to have Catherine get in the back in her seat and hold some things too. When we got home we went into the house and then took a minute to come out and get everything, to find that Catherine couldn't move until we unloaded everything. She was so patient, it was really cute!

Demi Time!

Before I left Arkansas I was able to have dinner with Candice and Demi! I love seeing my rommie and Demi is just the best thing ever! It was so good catching up and hanging out with my little love!

Demi showing off her shades!

Having a girl talk!

Drake's Baby Shower

This past Saturday we hosted a shower for Ashleigh and Drake! She got amazing things and it was so awesome to be apart of this new journey in her life! Charley and Ashleigh will make wonderful paretns and I'm blessed to know them.

Ashleigh and all her girlfriends!

The fabulous four!

I love me some Dana!

Ashleigh's hostesses

Inside shot

The Diaper Cake Kallie made

Some Food

More Food

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Cookies and cinnamon rolls

Cupcakes and Muffins
A different view
Kallie with the gifts

She got a lot of great stuff!

The cute Drake Bench

Drake picture frame

More fun gifts!

I can't wait to meet Drake! He is already so super loved!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

We had another great Easter this year! I love holidays for many reasons, but I especially love Easter because it is the time we celebrate the risen savior!
Here are some highlights from our weekend!
Our Easter Cookie
After the Good Friday Service
Papa with the girls!
Memaw and Papa with the girls
Mom and Dad, one day after celebrating their 45 Wedding Anniversary!
Dad and me!
Cassidy and me
Little Catherine
Sweet Caroline
Carter in his GREAT suit!
Carter and Papa
Cassidy stole my phone
After the egg hunt!
Great time! Happy Easter Everyone!