Wednesday, May 25, 2016

7 Weeks Old Picture

Jen Hatmaker 2016

My amazing friend Ash invited me to go see Jen Hatmaker! It was a powerful night and Owen was a rock star sleeping thru the event!!!

New Lunch Place

Mandy and I love to go to lunch. We usually go to McAlisters but branched out, and it was yummy!

First Day Back to Work

I have the most amazing friends! On my first day back to work they blessed me beyond measure! They made a hard day a little easier!

That Face...LOVE

Mandy's Shower!

We threw a shower for my BFF Mandy! It was a great day celebrating Mandy and Cameron! 

Beauty Day for AK

AK needed a haircut so we went to the new Sharkies for a day of pampering! She had a blast! 

Getting Ready.... with Owen

This is how I do everything these days! :) Owen loves the hair dryer! 

Owen's Room Is Complete

We now have the baseball and football picture up in Owen's room! The room is perfect now! 

Bedroom Wall Complete

The amazing Lynette Reeves took pictures of my babies the first week of their lives! I proudly have this beauties on my bedroom wall! My heart is overflowing with love for these babies! 

Play Dates Are Getting Bigger

Having babies with friends all around the same time makes it fun and busy! When the 5 friends get together now we have 10 kiddos! This day we had 3 adults and 6 kids! 

Sister & Brother Love

Leightyn's Spring School Program

Owen and I went to this pretty butterfly's spring program! She was fantastic! 

6 Week Old Picture

Big Boy Bed!

First time in his big boy bed... Only for a picture :) 

Chocolate Pecan Pie

I found a new Green favorite! We will be having this again and again and again! 

Sleepy Sweetie

Little Twins!

5 Week Old Picture

Mommy's Snuggle Bug

Baseball Boy

1 Month Old

WOW! You are a 1 Month Old
You bring so much joy to our lives! 
You love to Cuddle
You love your family especially your sister
You are a perfect addition to our family and we have loved every moment of you being with us! 
We love you Owen Alan Green

Being a Tourist