Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What a Pair

Can't wait for the fun Halloween will bring this year!

29 Week Old Picture

Happy Fall Yall!

Oh My!


28 Week Old Picture

My Skeletons

I love these sweet skeletons - Owen is super cute sad and happy!



Red Day!

I Love This Boy!


Short Sassy Hair

2nd Week of Dance

Someone was so excited that her Daddy was at dance this week!





Me and My Little Man

Football Bunco

I love BUNCO and I love my Sooners, so Football Bunco is my absolutely favorite! (and I love my amazing friends)

I Got A Little Brave.... Hair Wise

I need a little change in my life so I went short... really short! When AK saw me she told me that I looked like Rapunzel when the "Mean Modher" cut her hair! I think she is pretty accurate.


Happy Birhtday Daddy!


 AK was so excited to show her Dad the card she picked out! She colored it and couldn't wait for him to open it... she actually opened it for him!

Happy Friends Birthday David!

We are blessed with great friends in our lives. We have grown from 3 to 6 kids and more on the way! I really feel lucky to have these people in our lives!

Happy Friend Birthday David!

Jumping Beans!

We love spending time with friends and jumping - it always makes for a great time!



27 Week Old Picture

Happy Birthday Daddy at PSC 2016

We like to surprise Daddy with breakfast for him group for his birthday! It was the first time we had our sweet Owen with us! It was a great surprise!

6 Month Old

We made it! 6 Months and 1/2 a year!
You turned 6 months on September 2, 2016

I love this picture because it looks like you are so excited about being 6 months old! We are so excited that God gave us you and you have been with us for 6 months!

Almost to the day that you turned 6 months you got your first tooth!
You are moving like crazy, rolling back and forth!
You started cereal - you like oatmeal better than the rice cereal
You adore your Mommy and love being with her all the time
You think that your sister is pretty special and you love when we pick her up from school
You still love to cuddle and you now even hug us some when we pick you up

We love you so much sweet bubby!

Reward for AK

AK got her punch card filled up at school and so when we went to Costco I surprised her with a doll! She was so excited! I love blessing my kids with things they love! So proud of great behavior at school!