Wednesday, September 28, 2011

San Antonio Trip 2011

For the Labor Day weekend we traveled to San Antonio to see David's Family! It was a fun filled weekend with swimming, Sea World, & eating!

Here are some of my favorite highlights from our trip:

The first night we arrived... Kinsley loves Uncle David!

Kinsley and me!

The River Walk

Not ready for the picture yet!

My favorite picture of the trip!! This will be framed!!!

David and me at the Alamo

The Williams Family at the Alamo

Sisters playing! Super cute!

Kinsley telling Leightyn what to do

Water Park Time

Your turn Uncle David! You can tell David is excited!

The only time Leightyn let David hold her, so I had to document it! :)

Kinsley loved playing with David!

Don't let me down!

Thanks! :)

Great trip looking forward to the next vacation!

Our Trip To Sea World!

At the beginning of September we met David's family in San Antonio for the weekend! We traveled to Sea World on a hot day and had a great time.

Here are the highlights from our trip:

Sweet Leightyn fell asleep on me during one of the shows.... it was super sweet!

Drinking plenty of water with Granddad!

The Sea Lion Show

One big fella!

Like I said one big fella!

Looks fake... It was beautiful!

Watching a trainer feed the fish!

The One World Show! It was awesome!!

Uncle David and Kinsley had a great day at Sea World!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birthday At The Fair

I love birthdays and I love traditions! One of the traditions that we started when I moved to Lubbock was going to the fair! It was so fitting that we should go to the fair for my birthday!

I wore a pin that I bought for David for his birthday (that he would never wear) to see if I could get anything free at the fair. After an hour in the pin I gave it up to an 11 year old boy who shared my birthday! He really appreciated it so I got a Free Smile (corny but true).

Here are the highlights from the fair:

Catherine wore this shirt in honor of her Aunt's Birthday... love my sweet snoog!

Carter showing off my birthday button

Annual Corn Dog

The Traditional Jurkovich Corn Dog Picture!

Birthday dinner of champions... Large Diet Coke and a Corn Dog

The 4 Cs and me posing for my birthday picture after the dog show!

My wonderful sister and me.

Stephanie's new shirt that is SO TRUE!

Memaw, Papa & Catherine

Catherine and the baby chick

Steph and the duck

Caroline and her chick

Carter and his duck

Cassidy and her duck (which fell asleep in her hands)

Cassidy's sweet duck up close!

Catherine and the mocking chicken.... Anything Catherine did the chicken did!

Looking forward to the fair next year... maybe we will go for David's birthday since he LOVES birthdays and fairs! HA!

My Favorite Season.... I LOVE FALL!

I have always been a huge fan of Fall! I love everything about it; the colors, leaves, college football, the weather, and it when it turns Fall I know that my 2 favorite holidays are on their way!

Last year I bought my first Fall decorations. I am a freak at Christmas and have EVERYTHING Snowmen but every year I try to add something new for Fall. This year I got a G pumpkin for my birthday from my friend Kim that I have to take a picture of! It's so cute!

Here are the highlights of my favorite season:

The wreath that I made Glenda, on her front door!

My wreath on my front door (the backside of my front door)

My new pumpkins!

My little scarecrows with my new pumpkins!

My Dinning Room Table

I have to take this picture to show off the table and my new G on the wall! Love it!

Happy Fall Y'all!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Babe's Birthday - Happy Birthday David

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! In my eyes, you don't get a Birthday Day you get a Birthday Week or Weekend. David is a little bit different than I am and he wishes that you would only get a "Birthday Hour"! Silly boy... you married the wrong girl! :)

Here are the highlights from David's Birthday WEEKEND! :)

The Birthday Boy and Me!

The Birthday Boy, Me & Catherine!

The little girls made up a cheer for David for his birthday... here they are after they performed! "David you Rock, Rock! David you Rock, Rock! David you Rock, Rock! Happy Birthday"


When Brad prays at dinner he always prays for Family and Friends... David is the Friend! Here is Brad's card to his friend... the card was PRICELESS!

In our new home group we were asked to tell who our spouse was like in Hollywood. One girl said that her husband was like Tigger, because he was always happy. I then said well then David would be Eeyore... probably not the best spouse move :) On his birthday David received 2 books from Brad.. "Oh Bother, Somebody's Fighting" & "Oh Bother, Somebody's Grumpy" :)

David with his sheet cake!!!

David's dessert

Carter, happy about the dessert... in awe of the dessert!

Barley wanted to give David a birthday present so he bit him in the stomach and ripped his shirt! Happy Birthday Dad!

The pulled pork sandwiches that David made for his birthday dinner

Oreo Ice Cream Cake

My turn to shower David with gifts!

David is done with pictures and after this cheesecake he is done with desserts for a while! The cheesecake was so awesome! David says that after this birthday, the next birthday will be celebrated in the gym! :)

Happy Birthday Babe! I love you!