Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer in Review!

I use to do a month in review and I have been slacking lately, so today I'm doing a Summer in Review! It's so weird to think that our summer is over already! It went by too fast!!! Here are some of the great highlights from this Summer!
Our Dallas Trip to kick off the summer!

David and Paisley on Memorial Day!

We sold out first home together

Our new home

Jurk Slumber Party

Night out with the Williams' Girls

Critter Fest

Golf Tournaments

My precious Baby Girl that I love very much!

The Gender Reveal Party

4th of July

Kinsley's Birthday

Jump City for Catherine's Birthday

Baby girls appointment with the nieces!
I'm looking forward to the Fall and all the new things that will take place in 2012! Next summer will have a lot of pictures of my sweet pumpkin!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Bump Pictures

 I can't believe I'm already in my 20 weeks of pregnancy. Soon I will be in single digit weeks left!!!

Week 23

Week 25 - I didn't get a Week 24 picture and this picture was after a big meal, I feel like I look 39 weeks pregnant!

Week 26

Barley's New BFF!

Barley has loved Kinsley and Leightyn being here. Kinsley and Barley seem to be quite the pair!

Red Riders!

 This past weekend my mom and I went to Kohl's to look at some things and get ideas for David's Birthday. I was about to buy him a sweatshirt for Football season and they had a new section of sweatshirts out, probably around 50 or more. After looking at the new items I thought.... hmmmm I wonder how this made it into production!!! I told the manager and they were off the shelf before we left!
Let's go Red Riders!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pumpkin's Shoes!

I think pumpkin is going to have issue like her mom! I LOVE SHOES! Here are her shoes so far. I have only bought one pair in the picture the rest were given to her from cousins or friends that had little girls! I have bought her 5 pairs that will be here within a week though! Soon she will be like her mom with 100 plus pairs! :)

Room Update

 This past weekend we got pumpkin's chair in! I also went and picked up her lamp! The room is coming a long a little bit more each day! It is really exciting! We can't wait to hold her and rock her in her room!
David put the chair together

The middle lamp

Her room so far!

August Appointment with Cousins!

 This past week we had our appointment for August and I took the little girls with me to see their cousin on the screen! They were so excited about the appointment! David and I were asked some  interesting questions that we told them to ask their parents when they got home!
They loved hearing her heartbeat! It was a great memory for us!

So happy in the waiting room

With Uncle David

My girls!
Pumpkin's LONG legs! I hope she is tall!
Her Face

Another Face Shot

As soon as we got her on the screen she mooned us! She is not as modest anymore!
Pumpkin is going to be quite the gymnast, she was breech and her hands were next to her toes! Hopefully she will win the gold one day!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Snowbody is ready for Christmas!

 I LOVE Christmas! I LOVE snowman and decorating the house every December!!! David and I had lunch today and since we eat at Chick-fil-a and he only has a 20 minute lunch, I get to some times walk through Hobby Lobby before I have to be back! I love when Christmas items come in! I get so excited!!!! I found my snowmen that I want this year when they go on sale!! Hopefully next time you see them, they will be in the Green Home!

I love him for the door!

He is going to go on my new fireplace! :)

Nursery Painting

In a couple of weeks we will be having little pumpkin's room painted! Here is what I'm going to have above her crib! I can't wait! Her initials will be different though! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Catherine's Friend Birthday Party!

 Catherine was gone on her actual birthday this year and so we waited to have her friend birthday till the following week! It was a great time of pizza, cupcakes, and jump city!!!

Pretty Birthday Girl

Wonderful Friends


I can't believe she is 8!

Our cupcakes

Silly Girls!

Party Girls

Waiting to play dodgeball!

Ready to go!

The boys

The boys waiting in line!

On you Mark, Get Set, GO!

Caroline and Matti!

Date Night for Little Pumpkin!

David and I went on another date night the other night! It was a date night that I loved! We went and looked for things for Baby Green! We started our registries, had cupcakes and watched the Rangers! Perfect night!

Cake cupcakes are the best!

David wants our pumpkin to have a million stuffed animals!

Getting everything started at Target

Perfect ending to a perfect night!