Monday, May 1, 2017

Sweet Twins

Memaw's Mooche

When Memaw had food Owen was always right there! This is what Cassidy use to do as a baby too! Sweet little Mooches!

Cake for Owen

Carter & Anna Kate

With Their 2 Favorites - Stephie & Catherine

Magician Carter

We went and watched Carter do a magic trick at the church. Before he got on stage, AK hugged him and stood by him the whole time. They had a sweet bond this trip!

Spaghetti Time

AK loved all the meals in at Stephie's house. She would say can you make this again at every meal. I had to document the spaghetti night, it was too cute! Owen liked this meal a lot as well!

Stephie & Anna Kate Time

Every time AK goes to Louisiana she loves going with Stephie to the popcorn and candy store. It's their tradition and I love how she lights up with Aunt Stephie! Thanks for all the memories!

Go Carter Go!

I was able to go to a golf tournament for Carter when I was in town in March. It happened to be like in the low 50s and raining when the rest of the week was sunshine and roses, but we went out and supported our favorite golfer. Love watching him work towards his goals and do what he loves. Very proud Aunt!

Miranda Lambert Concert With My Girls

When I arrived to Louisiana the girls, my sister, and I went out to the Miranda Lambert Concert. It was the first concert since Taylor Swift in Lubbock! We had a great time together and made many memories. I miss my girls so much and wish I lived closer to do life together. I'm so proud of each of them and look up to my sister so much for being such an amazing Mom! I love y'all so much! #JustLikeYouOnlyPrettier

Friday, April 21, 2017

Owen's 1st Birthday - From My Iphone

Here are some sweet highlights from Owen's 1st Birthday from my phone. We had a fun day celebrating a fun little boy!