Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 In Review

 January - 7 week old Anna Kate got to meet her Great Grandma Copeland and Great Grandpa Whitney. We also met the Aunts and Uncles and celebrated my Grandma's 91st Birthday! 

February - Anna Kate was so cute and in this month we took some of my favorite pictures to date. This was also the first month for shots. :( 

March- We hung out with friends, loved bath time and celebrated Anna Kate's 1st Easter! We also had our first family photos taken together. 

April - We tired cereal for the first time, we adored Papa at basketball games, and we were as sweet as could be! 

 May - We enjoyed lunches with Memaw, we ate cereal for Dad like a pro, and we dedicated Anna Kate at the church on my first Mother's Day!  

June- We celebrated AK's half birthday with a party and we had wonderful pictures taken of the big 6 month old! 

July - We loved dressing up in fun girly outfits and having BBQs with my family. We loved playing bean bag toss! 

August - David sold his guitar (that I loved) and AK went swimming a lot with cousins. Also Anna Kate started school for the first time away from Mom. Mom cried a lot, but she loves her teacher Miss Aryn!

September - Football season started back, my Grandma, Uncle, Aunt and Cousin came for Labor Day! AK had her 9 month pictures taken! 

October- We played in sunflowers, my sister moved to Louisiana, we did family pictures, OU won more football games, we took pumpkin pictures, we went to Louisiana, AK had her 1st Halloween! 

 November- Anna Kate had her 1st Thanksgiving in Louisiana and she went Black Friday shopping! 

 December- Anna Kate had her first birthday and we had a wonderful Christmas! 

Looking forward to a wonderful 2014!