Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Owen's 3 Month/Family Pictures!

We had Owen's 3 month pictures done with Cassandra McDonald and we got our first family pictures done as a family of 4. I'm so super blessed! 

Friday, June 3, 2016

3 Month Anna Kate & Owen

AK was always so tiny as a baby, I didn't realize how tiny until I put pictures of them up together at the very same age. Her brother is going to weigh as much as she does now very soon!

Momma's Babies!

3 Months Old

Sweet Baby Boy you are 3 Months Old! 

You bring so much love to our family! 
You smile all the time and you are beginning to laugh! 
You still love the Momma and you love to cuddle every morning! 
You are rocking at tummy time! 
You love to be at the table for every meal and don't want to miss anything! 
Your sister makes you so happy, she tells you that you are her best friend! 
You are probably going to be in size 2 diapers soon, because you are growing like a weed!
You have started to play more on the floor, but your favorite thing is to be held!
You love to go on walks with the family at night! 

We love you so much Baby Boy!  

Mom or Dad?!?

There is an app that tells you who your child looks like. I totally lost with AK last year but I'm getting closer with Owen! 


13 Week Old Picture

Altitude with Kins & Leightyn

AKs new favorite place is Altitude! We were able to play with cousins this week! They all wore purple, super cute! 

Memorial Day 2016


Happy 1st Birthday Lanie!

Last Sunday we went to Jumpin Jungle to celebrate Lanie's 1st Birthday! We had a fantastic time playing with friends! 

American Cousins

Proud to be an American!

The Sunday before Memorial Day we took time to take a picture in our front yard with the flag that my Dad made me! I'm so lucky to be an American and I thank God for the men and women who sacrifice their lives for our freedom! God Bless the USA! 


At night we love to go on walks as a family. I love watching AK run and seeing this handsome boy looking at me. My world is complete! 

3 Years of Summer Fun!

1st & Last Day of School

A BIG Change!

When AK started school I was around 10 Weeks pregnant! When she ended school she had a 12 week old brother! 

Last Day of School 2016

I felt like we just started this year! It's crazy how fast time goes. AK started school when she was 9 months old and in the Fall she will begin preschool! Time PLEASE Slow Down! 

We Love Ms. Summer!

AK had a great year with Ms. Summer in the young 3s class! She is really going to miss her this Fall! We love you Summer!