Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Really.... Blow Out....Really?!?!

AK never had a blow out! Owen is making up for that... BIGGEST BLOW OUT EVER! There was more out than in!

Hello This Is Sassy!

I love this girl so much and her fun and sassy personality. I put this swimsuit on her and the poses kept coming. Work it!

Matchy Matchy!

How Momma Works

Good Morning Wonderful

Our Daily Life

Summer Fun Nights.... With a Twist

We had friends over for a nice summer night meal and playtime! It was a great night until AK decided to drink allergy meds and we had to call poison control! A lot of lessons learned and a late night cuddling with my sweet angel!

Roll Over Play Date!

My Love Bug

Critter Fest 2016

AK didn't like the camel this year, but she did ride her very first pony!

16 Week Old Picture

Chuckie Cheese Night

We had a blast at Chuckie Cheese for a friend's birthday! I love watching her smile and have fun! Makes my heart happy!

Oh How I Love This Boy!



Cuddle Buddies

  One thing that AK and Owen love to do is cuddle in the morning! It melts my heart!

Father's Day 2016

I love watching the love you have for AK and Owen! We hope you feel loved and appreciated today and always!