Monday, July 27, 2015

Sunglass Sweetie!

Cute Swimmers

Leaving Enid

Before we left Enid we took Gigi to church and met her friends! It was a fast but great weekend! 

Enid with Gigi

On the 2nd day in Enid we spent the morning and afternoon with my Grandma and the Copeland side of the family. We played at Gigi's house, went shopping, got cookies, ate lunch and had a great time catching up. I wish we all lived closer! 


Night Out at the Park

My grandparents use to take me and my cousin Dustin out the park in Enid. The Kiwanis club has a park with rides, ducks, and playgrounds and it was always a great time together! This trip, we took AK out there and she loved it! It was so great doing things with her that I did as a child! 

Road Tripping to Enid

Snacks With Carter

Cow Appreciation Day - Chick-fil-a 2015

We love Chick-fil-a and go almost every Friday for lunch! When Cow appreciation Day came around we weren't missing out! I have the cutest cow in town!  

 Not too happy to see the cow! 

Cheering On Daddy For a Year!

Softball Nights

Night Time Cuddles!