Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Airport Time

Lunch at Cheesecake Factory

It was fun having an all girls' lunch at one of our favorite places... Cheesecake Factory! 

Saying Goodbye

Before we left Bossier, AK had breakfast with Papa and played at Memaw and Papa's house. We will miss them very much! 


While in Louisiana we finished Cassidy's dresser and I painted my mom's entry table and decorated it! Lots of fun! 

So Big!

I can't believe how big my nieces and nephew are getting! They are so great! 

Hide & Seek in the Church

Sunday Lunch Together

Church - Sunday Morning

Cuddling with Catherine!

Queen Cassidy!

Cassidy was amazing at the pageant! I was so super proud of her! 

Hair Time for Caroline!

I did Caroline's hair for the pageant... she wouldn't let me let her go with it like the second picture! I loved it though!

She's Ready!

Make-Up Time

We did Cassidy's make-up for the pageant! She looked amazing! 

Waiting for a Rice Krispie Treat

Catherine's Game

We also went to Catherine's Basketball game! She score 6 out of the 14 baskets! 

Eating Breakfast with Papa